Politics as usual?

Peace, Joy, Grace, Freedom, Love. Not exactly the collective energy of this current Presidential race. As we think about the election coming up next week one can't help but notice that it seems to have the greatest negative energy in recent, or perhaps all of American political history. It would be almost impossible to miss the mud-slinging and name calling. I choose to pay attention to it as lightly as possible while still being informed enough to make a decision, but it really makes me realize how much our collective energy takes on a life of its own. Enough so, that people are saying crazy things. Really crazy! And never before that I know of are so many people not knowing who, or how they will vote, and in fact voting opposite of their chosen party. Most of us are tired of politics as usual with career politicians running, or ruining  ;)(they are not),  our country and I think most would agree that we want to see change happen in our government. And yet to vote for someone who is not a career politician means we would be voting for one who, though very wise as a business man, in terms of personal persona or energy doesn't exactly feel....warm. loving or kind. Either one feels uncomfortable and embarrassing to the general population it seems.

I do know that I want to feel good when I choose and cast my vote though I don’t exactly feel excited about either candidate, and that is OK. Contrast is a good thing and change can indeed cause some discomfort, either way there will be improvement in the long run. It is the nature of life here on earth. We will always have fighting and there will always be disagreement. There can be no other way. We are here to experience expansion and growth and that is how it happens. We all want peace and an end to war but that isn’t how change and growth happen.

Living in the USA, or on this planet for that matter, is like having a large family. You try to love them all, even though you don’t really like some of them. You know, like the loud mouth uncle who you just wish would keep it shut for once and maybe instead open up his eyes. And you can’t believe you actually have to call them family. That is who we are in humanity and here in the good old USA. While feeling perhaps embarrassed, or unhappy about what those who are, or will soon be “in charge” are doing, or where this “family” is headed, we are so fortunate to have the ability to make choices for ourselves and our community as a whole. So sure, it might be uncomfortable, but certainly this Presidency will launch us to new ideals, ideas, and expansion. This contrast will create the momentum forward that is necessary for change and growth as humans, not just citizens of this family we call America.

We have a choice, we can complain about, brace ourselves for, or embrace, the contrast and growth that is sure to be the outcome of this, and every political race ahead.  There is nothing wrong here even if it seems like it. Let’s go on and have a kick ass, fun life, as we are meant to! We are all a part of this expansion and if we can be a part of it without the negative energy, our experience will feel so much better. Positive change will eventually come from contrast. My intention for this election is to positively align my energy and feel gratitude for all of this. I will do my best as a member of this community to support whomever we the people choose. I will do my best to look for signs of Peace, Joy, Grace, Freedom and Love, because I know without a doubt that the energy of everything flows based on the laws of the universe and thoughts do become things.  Are you with me?