The Very Best Valentine’s Day Gift for your Sweetie!

This gift is truly one of the best gifts you can give your love any day of the week. It doesn’t cost a dime, it is super simple, but the rewards are beyond measure. Are you ready? Here it is: Affirm your significant other in front of others when he or she is present. That’s…

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PeaceJoyGraceFreedom 2

Politics as usual?

Peace, Joy, Grace, Freedom, Love. Not exactly the collective energy of this current Presidential race. As we think about the election coming up next week one can’t help but notice that it seems to have the greatest negative energy in recent, or perhaps all of American political history. It would be almost impossible to miss…

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Care more how you feel

How do you want to Feel in your Life?

For many years I have used this Abraham quote and it has given me much peace and ease. I have shared it and have given it as a kind of “homework” for my clients. How do you want to feel in your life? – What a terrific question! I am reading Danielle Laporte’s book – “The…

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Notice the beauty

Too Busy

As we were moving recently and I was busy packing boxes and purging all the stuff I had managed to collect, I walked through the garage and couldn’t help but notice this butterfly on the floor. It seemed to be saying “Hello!, why don’t you stop a sec and notice how spectacular I am?” And so I did just that. Of course I couldn’t help myself as it literally stayed in that one spot showing off for me for at least 4 or 5 minutes much to my surprise. It would open it’s wings, and then slowly close them, over and over. I then thanked him or her and said that I was indeed impressed as it flew off. It was a good reminder to just STOP for a moment and notice the beauty and life around me instead of running from here to there and feeling like it was never going to get done, because it does get done. Everything works out…. always!

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