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  Hey! I'm CJ.  

I am a Certified Life Coach, entrepreneur, an avid writer (currently working on a couple of projects – one with my granddaughter Lily!), and a lover of fun! I have a passion for personal growth & development and empowering women to simplify, have fun, and live the life of their dreams. I have always been interested in how and why we do the things we do and discovering how to change the patterns that do not assist or allow us to live amazing lives. As a salon & spa owner and manager for many years I learned a great many things about people and how we each have our own unique gifts and talents and how to bring those to light. I sold my salon in 2006 to pursue my many other passions. I have done design and merchandising as well as coaching. I have been studying Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction for many years, as well as the teachings of many other brilliant individuals. These teachings have helped me immensely in living an incredible and inspired life myself. I truly love coaching and it brings me great joy to help those who are ready for change or transformation. I have felt drawn to helping others to live life doing more of what they love with ease, peace, and fun! I am also passionate about health and wellness and became certified as a Nutritional Consultant in 2008. I have one fabulous husband Jeremiah, two amazing daughters, two terrific sons-in-law, and five perfect grandchildren! I enjoy time with my parents, siblings, nieces and nephews, and a wide and wonderful variety of great friends! I enjoy hiking, cross country skiing, music, writing, painting, designing, traveling, and most of all spending time in conversation with my dear friends, loved ones, and the lovely women I joyfully get to coach. That is what I call fun!!



This program helps you ease into choosing and attracting the joyful life you are meant to live.

• Pre-work materials to prepare for coaching •
• Eighteen total sessions •
• Our first session in-person (60 minutes) •
• Seventeen (30 minute) phone sessions •
• Homework assisting in positive growth •
• Unlimited email coaching access •


This program is for you if you are feeling pretty great but wanting a shift in some area of your wonderful life.

• Pre-work materials to prepare for coaching •
• Nine total sessions •
• Our first session in-person (60 minutes) •
• Eight (30 minute) phone sessions •
• Homework assisting in positive growth •
• Unlimited email coaching access •

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  Trusted By Many  

"Before I started coaching with CJ my emotions and attitude were not balanced. I thought I was being positive but inside there was bitterness. I truly believe life is how you are in the inside and not letting negative people take advantage of the true me. I realized that I need to take care of myself first which is very important for my inner self. She helped me realize that I do have another chance of loving someone else after a divorce and opening up my heart and not feeling negative towards a person that made me upset in the past as I am moving towards a great future, letting my worries go, and enjoying the best life. She gave me tips and examples from her own lifeexperiences that helped me too. Looking forward to making great new memories with family & friends! I love the way she is positive and really helped me leave my bitterness & worries behind. I can't thank her enough for the help & advice she gave me through this process."


"Based on Law of Attraction principles Cj was able to help me create a vision of what my personal and work life will look like.  It now is a conscious thought process for making decisions on all aspects of my life. The tools Cj has to promote, guide and delve into getting what you want in life, is truly a gift."


"WOW!! As I look back at my initial paperwork and how I feel today, is almost like night and day. I have really moved a long way. I can honestly say that for the first time in many years, I don't have or feel depression. While I believe the shift from depression to "flat" is a huge move, I am so excited and frequently have feelings of  next levels of joy, ease, and fun in every day life!  I am just overflowing with appreciation and gratitude as I type this. I truly feel like a different person!! THANK YOU!!!"


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